Weekly Digest – 31 August 2022

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European gas shortages will continue for years to come

The Chief Executive of Shell has warned that gas shortages across Europe are likely to continue for years. Rising prices and continuing energy rationing will carry on as cuts in supply due to the war in Ukraine continue.

Asda to nix best before dates as of September 1

Asda this week issued a 72 hour notice to shoppers stating that as of September 1, the Walmart cousin is doing away with best before dates on some 250 fruit and vegetable products. The move is an attempt to cut down on food waste.

One in four adults in the UK plan to switch their heating off this winter

A new survey has revealed that nearly a quarter of those polled said they wouldn’t bother switching the heating on this year. Nearly 70% said they would turn it on less often. The shocking statistics come as the price to heat homes is set to rise higher than ever.

US stocks down as interest rates set to rise again

US stock markets fell on Monday amid concerns the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates yet again. The chairman of the country’s central bank said hikes will continue as the country tries to stem rising inflation, which is at a 40-year high.

Rolling, co-ordinated strikes threatened across sectors as we head into autumn

The Trades Union Congress is meeting in September, and a series of motions will be tabled calling for unions to work together to increase the impact of their industrial action. Inflation-matching pay rises to combat the cost of living crisis are the main issue.

Pressure on incoming government to rescue the education system

Leading Conservatives are calling on the incoming government to address rising costs for schools as a matter of urgency. Many experts warn of long-term damaging effects on childhood education without quick intervention.

Hunger identified as a leading cause for concern in schools this year

Teachers and charities are calling for a universal school lunch program as fears over childhood hunger rise amidst the cost of living crisis. Currently, 800,000 public school children living in poverty do not qualify for free meals.

Flexibility with bank holidays pleases employees

With the workplace continually evolving, some forward-thinking firms have found that it’s worthwhile to offer flexibility when it comes to bank holidays. Letting employees take different days in lieu that are more significant for them has proven very popular.

Free wine if you can find a new spot for a Majestic outlet

Wine retailer Majestic is offering a year’s supply of wine to customers who help find the perfect venues for new stores. They say that they anticipate people will be increasingly interested in trying new wines in-person, and hope to open 76 additional shops.

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