Well, not quite. But we can certainly show you how one business got an extra £2.2 million, and how you can do something very similar.

You see, on 11th October 2017 we are proud to be hosting a ground-breaking seminar called “How to get an extra £2.2 million in your business and personal bank accounts.”

This fast-paced and entertaining seminar is based on a case study of how one small business got an extra £2.2 million in tax paid cash. And it will show you how to do the same.

After months of collaboration between Raj, Vikas & Steve, they have devised this seminar that will reinvigorate the entrepreneur within you and show you how to take decisive actions to achieve the profits and success you deserve.

This is part of our continuing drive to help you build a better business. This is just a start of a unique series of events that we intend to host. You absolutely cannot miss this event.
Raj, Vikas and Steve together with the rest of the RCG team will be at the Shendish Manor on Wednesday the 11th of October.

This event is by invitation only, such is the anticipated demand for a seat.

We are delighted to invite you to this seminar as our guest. 

The seminar details are as follows:

Date:     11th October 2017

Time:     0830 to 1330

Venue: Shendish Manor, London Road, Apsley, HP3 0AA

Let me explain how (and why)?

Full details are attached, and in case it is more convenient, also online here £2.2m seminar information.

But in a nutshell, the seminar is based on a case study of how one business, that I know you will relate to, got an extra £2.2 million. (This may seem too good to be true – but as the case study unfolds you will actually see exactly why and how every single penny of the money flows into his bank account).

And it uses that case study to illustrate over 30 practical and proven ideas and strategies you can use to greatly strengthen your sales, profits and cashflow, transform your work-life balance and add something like £2.2 million to your business and personal bank accounts.

It will also allow you to develop a no-cost action plan to make sure you get the same sort of results.

With help from one of the 3 best speakers in the UK

The speaker is Steve Pipe FCA, who we work very closely with. Not only is he the most highly recommended accountant in the world, he is also one of the Top 3 business speakers in the UK (based on LinkedIn rankings showing that he has more recommendations than any of the other 1.6 million accountants, and only two UK speakers have more recommendations than he does).

So I promise he will make the seminar as enjoyable as it is profitable for you. Please view the video from Steve Pipe.

It must be worth investing a few hours of your time to make sure you don’t miss out on your equivalent of that £2.2 million, mustn’t it? So it really is worth re-arranging your diary to be there, isn’t it?

It is all set up for you, and won’t cost you a single penny.

I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out so I would be grateful if you could register a place for you and up to two business colleagues today via our Eventbrite link:

£2.2m seminar tickets

emailing us directly at hello@myauctus.co.uk

For more information, speak to your regular contact at Auctus or our event champions, Sandip and Ashvin.


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