Sandip Virji


Qualifications: FCCA

Sandip started his career as a management accountant in commerce, having qualified as an ACCA. He has been in the accountancy industry over 25 years.  Subsequently Sandip moved into practice and gained invaluable and vast experience to service different types of clients and established good working relationships with them.

He worked at RCG as a client manager initially and is now back as a director!

Sandip is a keen sports person and enjoys playing badminton and volleyball and going to the gym. He enjoys socialising and travelling including doing community work.

Fun Facts

What do you like on pizza?
Chillies, Mushrooms, Onions

Famous Celebrity lookalike:
Bruce Willis ‘Welcome to the party pal!’

What would you do for a career if you weren’t doing this?
Mechanic, but I didn’t like the look of used engine oil…

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