Meena Gosrani

Client Services Manager

Qualifications: DipOT

Meena has been with RCG since inception and is most likely the first voice you hear when you call the offices or meet with when you arrive. Meena being a Clients Services Manager is responsible for the administration and the smooth running of RCG, liaising with clients, dealing with all aspects of payroll and company secretarial work.

Meena loves travelling, discovering different cultures. Family and friends play a significant part of her social life and is also an active member of her local residents committee. Her passion for reading together with her book club introduces her to many genres of books which she would not normally indulge in.

Fun Facts

What’s your biggest claim to fame?
Being an agony aunt for a magazine aimed at 2nd generation professional asians

What did you always want to try and never did?

Trekking the Himalayas … but it was ‘a huge mountain to climb’ !!

What’s the wisest thing anyone ever told you?
Be the best you can be, that is the only thing you have in your control.

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